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ignition repair; ignition lock; ignition lockout; lock; locked out;
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Cambridge Locksmith

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Locksmith Service In Stratford

Locksmith Service Stratford covers your auto locksmith needs on-site!

Among our services!

Call for availability.

πŸ”§ Ignition repair

We repair ignitions on-site!

The key is stuck in the ignition or won't come out at all? There are many ways your ignition may fail you, it could be your ignition cylinder or perhaps your key is the problem. Simply call us today and check models and availability!

πŸ†• Car keys

We recover lost car keys on-site!

Losing your car keys often? It's a drag to lose your car key on a busy or a sunny day when you could be doing what you like most but instead you are stuck waiting for someone to come and help. Automotive locksmith is the solution in such cases and often the situation is quickly resolved right on site! Call to check availability for your make and model today!

πŸ” Lock change

Changing your locks with a price match!

When changing locks budget is not an issue, we suit many types of affordable brands and grades according to your budget and capabilities. Security - We carry locks from basic to high security simply ask to get more detail. Custom - As we fit your locks to your budget we can also provide special finishing to suit your taste of color. Simply call and ask for brand and availability.

πŸ“  Business locksmith

Commercial locksmith for your business security solutions!

Our commercial locksmith service includes commercial lock mehcanisms, commercial exit devices according to local standart. Commercial grade door handles and knoobs, commercial keys on site. We also provide emergency business locksmith service, can't lock up your business? Call now 519-722-7776. '

βš’ - Lock ChangeπŸ”– 20%Off
βš’ - Lock RekeyπŸ”– 20%Off
βš’ - House LockoutπŸ”– 20%Off
βš’ - Student car lockoutπŸ”– 20%Off
βš’ - Just In Case!πŸ”– 20%Off

Car lockout in Stratford – Oh no! Locked out of your ride again! Don’t worry you are not alone! Simply call us now and check for an available locksmith tech near you!

Auto locksmith on-site; now more makes available!
Locksmith Ayr

Stratford Locksmith


We provide honest service, no tricks or explosive fees. We aim to satisfy you as our committed customer and have the opportunity to serve you again, you know - just in case! Your positive feedback is always appreciated; moreover it helps us as a business not only to appear friendly to our potential customers but also trustworthy! Stay in touch and stay connected, follow us on:
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