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Your car is very important! In Canada it is your main source of transportation! It can get you anywhere! To the mall, to the grocery store or just to get you home from work. It is so obvious for our generation to have an operating vehicle that we cannot go about our day without it.

 Imagine, not being able to drive your car just for a day or just for a few hours because you lost your one and only car key! Or imagine not being able to start your car simply because your ignition gave up.

 At EA Locksmith Inc. we are prepared for these and other no less important scenarios and we approach any situation with care and respect.
 At EA Locksmith Inc. we truly appreciate every single call. We do so because it’s our passion, to serve you and to make sure that -YOU- as a customer will call us back again.

 Because #JustInCase is not just a slogan! It’s our way of life!
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Customer Guide

In case of a lost car key:
  - Make sure you know the make, model and a year of your vehicle.
  - You have to have a valid ownership of the vehicle and a valid driver’s license.  We can still make keys if the owner is within reach to prove his ownership. This is mandatory!
  - Any information regards to your vehicle is important, make sure to mention any lock changes done to your vehicle.

In case of an Ignition lockout or a stuck car key:
  - Do not try to force the ignition to turn; you can worsen the problem!
  - Please try to avoid locking the steering wheel; this will slow down the process in some cases.   - Do not force turn any key stuck in your lock, you’re simply causing more damage to what we are about to fix anyway! We know that car issues can be frustrating; we do this fun job every day. Make sure to call us before causing more damage!

In case of a car key copy:
  - Just call us we will check our inventory and will be happy to help!

Just in case! EA Locksmith
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Our Automotive Services

Our Automotive Services:

   Car Lockout
   Lost Car Key by VIN
   Car Key Copy
   Nissan Keys
   Ignition Lockout
   Ignition Replace/Repair
   Transponder Keys
   Car Fobs and Remotes
   Car Key Programming
   Car Lock Rekey
   Car Lock Repair/Replace

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