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Machine key cutting is a large industry since the early 80’s when the first machinery started to arrive into the market to help locksmith’s tackle the issue of key copying speed. The first revolutionary machine the HPC-1200 solved the problem of copying automotive keys with a key cutter like piston which carved into the key and slid progressively further, cutting the various depths of the key. As problems started to emerge with the key machine due to its low speed performance the worldwide distributor at the time named Bianchi imported the new version HPC-1200 CM to Europe and added a a few “improvements” to it bringing more hpc cards into the picture to support the automotive industry in Europe at the time.

The concept of Computer Numerical Control which is CNC has helped to develop the first electronic automatic coded key-cutting machine like Uno-code. Electronic key cutting machines were made to simplify the process of duplicating keys by introducing code and laser into the market; electronic machines compile a database of information relating to car makes, models, series and other types of code for depths and cuts of required keys. The possibilities with an electronic code machine are endless, copying all types of keys including auto and etc.; with side cut technology and lasers carve technology.

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Laser cut- Many car makers these days use key systems which require high security laser cutting machinery, the keys contain a complicated numbered sequence engraved on the blade of the key with a laser guided cutting drill; sharp as a blade. Laser cut keys can be copied via code or by a simple automated laser reading. Best way to make a new key is via code, simply because a code provides more accuracy when cutting rather than a used key; making it more durable before ignition problem begins to occur.

Side cut – The electric motor which powers the most of the machines today was invented over a century ago, this same electric motor technology which today has combined electronic data base with it and made it into an automatic side cutting code machine which we use these days, among many names one example stands out like for example the HPC Codemax models. This machine makes key generating easy, able to punch endless possibilities of cuts into endless list of key types and keyways. Automotive keys, house keys and mailbox keys are all have the same side cut engraved depths which can be also easily duplicated with our manual cutting machine; no code required. Simply ask for availability today!
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Imagine you had your locks done and a few days later something isn’t working. You are calling and looking for help with your issue and no one is helping. If your request is reasonable there is no reason you shouldn’t have been helped. Our aim is to treat call-backs with respect and reassure our customers with our correspondence and ability to resolve your lock repair in a most professional manner, leaving you with a smile.

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EA Locksmith provides key cutting on site, ignition keys, house keys and commercial office keys. Many lock changes, house lockouts and lock rekeys require keys cut on-site and checked for proper function. EA Locksmith can provide different types of home, auto and cabinet keys depending on the manufacture and coding provided. All you have to do is ask our technician when on-site about our multiple key cutting discounts.

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House keys Keys like Schlage, Kwikset, Weiser, Yale, Sargent and other keyways which we cary mobile and able to cut by code or just a copy on site. Residential key cutting is always tricky because many locks go through several owners and often rekeyd over and over again. In addition the coper mix material key you carry is wearing itself out slowly, when copying a brand new key often the cuts aren’t as sharp as they used to be therefore repin and recut of a fresh key required. Many lockout situations result in broken keys simply because the owner didn’t get a copy. Save hundreds, get extra keys cut “just in case!”

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