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Exit Device Repair

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As we provide our services and make the problem go away we believe in your satisfaction with the whole process. To achieve that we must communicate on the same level, we do not look down on our customers and we expect the same.

We communicate together to reach a place where you are satisfied and we can stay in touch in case you ever need a service.

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We provide a respectful and friendly oriented customer service. We make efforts to make the repair or the service to go as smoothly as possible and also appreciate your patience and understanding the nature of such service and the costs with it.

As we aim to give you the best possible customer experience we do ask for your patience and understanding in return.

From us, at EA Locksmith Inc. we thank you for choosing us!

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Exit Devices Repair/Install

Many of you have them, in your business or at your workplace. These are those exit devices which keep you secure from outside and yet let you escape in case of fire or emergency and need to be operating properly.

Over time and continuous use, those complex parts start to deteriorate and fail over time and need to be repaired. When it comes to replacing those devices it is often that the price is in the double zeros and sometimes triple zeros.

However, all these costs could be perhaps saved when attempting to repair the exit devices. At times it is possible to resolve the issue and re-use the same repaired device. It also depends on how soon the problem was reported.

If you feel that your safety is at risk and need your exit device repaired don't hesitate to contact us.

In case you need new or replacement for an existing device simply speak to our technician and he will guide you through the purchasing and the ordering process.

Always make sure that your exit devices are in good shape and properly operating, the lives of your employees could depend on it.

Exit Devices:

Rim Exit Device
Mortise Style
Surface/Concealed Exit Device
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Garage Door Repair in Kitchener Waterloo and the area of South Western Ontario

Quality Service:

As awareness of our name keeps growing we keep making sure that we do not pass on quality service. It means going the extra mile or checking everything again to make sure proper operation.

Double verified is always better than not verified and this is what we feel when providing the service.

Making sure your exit devices are functioning after installation or repair and sticking to quality service on site!