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Key Extraction + 1-519-722-7776 = EA Locksmith

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Key Extraction + 1-519-722-7776 = EA Locksmith
Key Extraction

"Picture worth a thousand words" but your bill doesn't have to. Extract your key with EA Locksmith and you can save a few dollars on your lock replacement by saving your old lock.

Sometimes freezing temperatures leave your lock frozen for days and your keys can easily snap. Imagine that by extracting your broken key you can potentially save the lock if you have spare keys.

Summer days can be great as well except the fact that keys tend to soften in the hot days of the summer and when pressure applied they just crack right away. Coming back home on a hot night and breaking the key in the lock cylinder is not a scenario you wish upon yourself but it definitely happens.
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Key Extraction + 1-519-722-7776 = EA Locksmith
Just In Case!

Extracting a key requires quite some patience and proper tools, if you happen to break your key in your lock try not to damage it further and simply call EA Locksmith.

In case of a regular grade lock – it’s best to avoid breaking your key in your lock when you’re outside of the property because being locked out and have your key broken in the lock sometimes leads to lock removal by drill or cut-off tool in case it’s impossible to remove key. This is the reason why it’s best not to add further damage by trying to extract the key yourself it might make our job harder and your price slightly higher.

In case of a broken ignition key – Sometimes a car key can break in your ignition, usually the “break point” where the key might snap is the weakest point on the key, which means the deepest sequence of cuts on your key. The reason your ignition key bends and snaps at its “fatigue point” is simple wear and tear as well as rough use and poor maintenance. Basically saying it’s best not to wait untill your key snaps. Just make a copy.
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