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Anytime you find yourself stranded with your key is an unpleasant experience and moreover, it is unpleasant to wonder what to do next.
Many times we find ourselves on site explaining the reason for why it happens, and the most logical answer is that things get old and start falling apart as they expand. Often require maintenance and lubrication or maybe new internal parts to work another day, or perhaps another 1000 days.

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EA Locksmith repairs all kinds of ignitions starting from the old GM's and on. The ignition repair can be done on site and often the problem is repairable. In some cases, a replacement is required and a new part has to be put on, in that case, the locksmith won't put pressure on you and happily let you know the costs up front.

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Owners words:The most pleasurable experience while being on an ignition lock repair in Brantford is the satisfaction of the customer. Many times frustration take control of our nature and we can be agitated, EA Locksmith will carry all the patience to intake your frustrations. Our belief is that turning negative into positive, may have a price and a toll on EA Locksmith while on service in Branford but hey EA loves Brantford Ontario!!

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Ignition Lock Brantford

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