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Your ignition - your ignition contains many parts, it has pins, springs, core cylinder, housing and other tiny ignition components.

Ignition Fatigue - For many years fatigue has been the most common cause of ignition failure. The materials that compose the ignition are made of metal of course but contain cast aluminum and zinc mixtures as far as my experience goes. These materials experience light fatigue elements that come with extreme cold or heat. These changes in temperature cause the ignition materials to bend back and forth and weaken over time. Then one day something breaks.

Small Components - Your ignition contains small components like - springs - which weaken over time because they get pressed and depressed in and out with the key. Many times under different temperature. They were meant to break. Some last over a period of 10 years and some fail to operate after about 4-5 years. It also depends on how you operate your ignition, some drivers are aggressive with their cars. Some drivers have a "romance" with their vehicle. So they are simply gentle. Ignition Side Push Bar - I call it "bridge pin" simply because it looks like a bridge.

This tiny piece prevents your ignition from switching on to "ON" position. Many GM ignitions and Chrysler ignitions as well have this side bar in the ignition cylinder. It acts like a barrier, by sliding your key into the ignition cylinder you align the bar under the sheer line inside the cylinder itself and the cylinder can freely turn to "ON" position. This side bar in many cases contains springs as well which keep pushing the bar outwards. This constant pressure also causes same wear and tear.

Lockout situations - There you found yourself with your ignition unable to turn. Your day can't seem to get better. At this point I should probably tell you to call EA Locksmith Inc. And check if I am able to help you. I mostly specialize in ignition repairs on Honda, Acura, GM cars like: GMC, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Cadillac, Toyota, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Nissan, Mazda, Volkswagen, Ram and other specific models.

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Ignition Repair Service|519-7227776|24/7 Service

Ignition Repair Service

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