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door repair in Kitchener Waterloo and the region

Door Repair Kitchener/Waterloo

Is your door damaged cracked or misaligned? We repair doors and frames as well as hinges and insulation. Call us now for your door repair and replacement!

Repairing commercial and residential doors, EA Locksmith is always here to take care of your first line of defense which is your door!

Door repair on site - our technicians carefully take measurements and able to provide you with the information on your new door on site. Often we are able to repair the door while on site, cover damages and patch for cracks.

Often situations can leave your door damaged, like the famous student lockout where you simply kick the door to enter your room. There is always a situation where we find the door sliced in two and end up coming up with a solution because, in the end, if no solution found for your door we can simply replace it!

Our services are friendly and we appreciate your interest in EA Locksmith; your feedback is our improvement!

Door repair Kitchener-Waterloo and beyond EA Locksmith Waterloo

Door Repair

Our Commitment

As a locally based company EA Locksmith feels a deep commitment to its customers and supporters.
Finding new ways to improve our local economy through different programs we aim to develop as we grow in order to simply make things better and simpler for you.

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Commercial door repair in kitchener waterloo

5 Star CS

We are always happy to provide you with the best customer service on site and hope to exceed your expectations.
Your door repair should be a smooth and professionally handled process, which requires patience as well as professionality. Patience is also required from both installer and customer for the project to be successful and handled wisely.
We kindly appreciate your patience and positive attitude.


We Accept CC

As door repair might be an unexpected project we won't limit you to just one method of payment, at EA Locksmith we accept credit card as well as other payment methods such as Interact and Paypal.

A convenient way to pay for your door repair is with a credit card where you can control your payments and also gain your points. Everything is done electronically and your receipt is in your mail before you know it!