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EA Locksmith Inc. is your trusted locksmith partner in the tri-city area.
Whether you are locked out in Preston, Fiddlesticks, East Galt, Southwood or Hespeler. Lost your car keys or just need a locksmith to provide you the best service in the area?
Feel confident choosing EA Locksmith Inc. in Cambridge and the area of Preston, Fiddlesticks, East Galt, Southwood or Hespeler. Give us a call 519-722-7776 and you will have our technician on site. Within 20-30 minutes. Senior and student discounts available!

Being locked out is something that you would never expected to happen, it’s possible to avoid yet hard to predict. In most cases your lock could be picked and your door opened with least harm to your lock system although it’s impossible to predict.

Most lockouts happen due to circumstances like, left the keys at work or maybe left them in a place where you no longer have access to like a mall or an office. So it is important to be able to access your home safe and easy without too much stress. Like we say your lockout depends on your service man, great tech that is reassuring and focused on letting you in to your house or property is satisfying in most cases. Most important factor in locksmith service is customer satisfaction, it is important simply because a customer who forgot about his bad experience thanks to a great set of customer service skills is a happy customer.

Basically means – be polite, positive and understanding towards your customers, because your customers today - is your infrastructure tomorrow.
So, the only question to be asked is: “did you make your customer happy today?” we focus on that question and always try our best to provide the best suitable solution.

Just in case! EA Locksmith

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