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Whether your lock is a Schlage or a Weiser it needs to be serviced by professional technician who understands the importance of a 5 star service. We provide emergency 24/7 and non-emergency lock change service.

When your locks get stiff, it’s best not to wait till last moment to get locked out and then pay extra just for a lockout. It’s best to replace your lock in time before it fails completely.

EA Locksmith provides a selection of keyways and locks for replacement: Schleage keyways, Wieser, Kwikset, CX5. In addition we carry multiple types of brands for your selection and pre-order such as Baldwin, Dorex or LSDA. If you require a specific high end lock feel free to contact us or select a color from the chart. No matter the project, it’s always good to get a few extra opinions especially when taking care of your own lock hardware. As far as locksmith goes, installing your locks in a proper way to fit your door and lock it as it should is our main priority. Sometimes things won’t fit easily but we won’t put pressure on you or make it your concern, anything that can be repaired on site by a locksmith will be taken care of unless impossible (although we had done a few missions which were impossible) we won’t brag. Making it happen is what EA Locksmith is all about.

Keys cut and copied on site – installing a new lock? Great, if you need spare keys you can simply let our tech know and he will be able to duplicate your house or car keys depending on the make of the key and test it, all done at your front door saving you time and additional costs.

Locks tested and inspected – Once the lock has been replaced we also inspect that everything runs smoothly, we always want our customers to feel that someone cares. Checking the keys and the bolt for proper function helps to make sure the lock won’t malfunction because of an installation issue.

Custom design – If you wish to custom design your doors and make it fancy, exciting! Simply describe the wanted color and type of lock required to our tech and you will get your fancy locks pre-ordered. Usually custom design locks would take about a few days to arrive, we know that time is precious so we are definitely thinking about our customers satisfaction while focusing on the delivery and installation time.

European Locks – We do repair, replace, install European style lock cylinders and door hardware. These locks called multipoint locks usually installed on patio doors. Some also use European hardware for front entrance as euro locks are highly secure. With all that repairing these locks or replacing them is complicated, therefore we are happy to help you with your multipoint lock replacement when you need it.

5 Star customer service – We don’t really care how many stars we will have on google maps. We care what you think of us as a customer, if you will be the one to recommend us and you will be the one who advertises us best in fact when you are a happy customer. Therefore we make sure that no matter what issue we might encounter during our service we always do our best to remain friendly and professional. What it takes to be a happy customer? Read my blog 👉 Medium or reach me on Facebook!
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