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Many places we go, in the summer time we travel and enjoy the sun and in the winter we suffer and yet still some say they enjoy the bitter cold. No matter where you got stuck or what the season was, if EA Locksmith can make this key well then you’re in luck!

Imagine, your situation can always get worse when it’s a trouble time; you need solutions quick and still make it home happy by the end of the day. We all make small mistakes as we are too busy living our lives and one day whoops, the key snaps or gets lost or even stuck in your ignition. At this point my friend you’re stuck.

Your ignition is a barrel with pins and springs in it, and it takes a key to turn the barrel. If there is a problem and one of the pins isn’t functioning then we have a real problem. Your ignition key can get locked out in off position, in other cases your key won’t even go in the ignition. All these and more are common cases which require an auto locksmith on site, to make all your key problems go away.

Just call us when you’re ready and provide all the necessary information, our friendly technician will assist you in finding the most suitable conditions for servicing you. We arrive on site and provide ignition key generating, ignition key reading, ignition key programming and more any time any place.

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The beauty is that no matter where you are in Guelph or Wellington County - EA Automotive Locksmith Inc. is always within reach and happy to provide you friendly, affordable and very much open minded service. Our service is not just about locksmith, our service is about the service. Anyone can learn a trade but it takes a huge amount of patience to provide it, so it all goes down to who’s best at providing it? As a small family oriented business we are always welcoming and keep it professional after all it’s your feeling of safety that matters to us as a locksmith company!

To be continued...

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What can be more frustrating than having the need to call a service person, but it doesn’t have to be this way. At EA Locksmith Inc. we take customer service to a new level, where the customer is appreciated and respected. We aim to provide the friendliest service simply because we believe that locksmith should be fun and friendly. There are lots of situations and lots of different people out there, different opinions and perceptions. We always aim for the best customer experience and treat our customers the way we would want to be treated.

Signs of wear or tear:Your car keys are best when they come in a pair, meaning it’s always great to have a spare key. When out on the road and obviously anything can happen, you need to have an access to a second spare key to your car /truck. In such cases the only way to make sure your key won’t give up on you is to spot signs of wear and tear. Have an old key which can break easily? Decode it “just in case!” Have only one key to your car; make a copy “just in case!”