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Auto Locksmith

EA Locksmith Inc. is working hard to improve its automotive capabilities as it’s our main focus. Providing affordable on-site auto locksmith service with VIN generated keys and car key copies on site.

Auto Locksmith is a developing trade, these days to be an automotive locksmith you would need to use sophisticated tools and expensive equipment in order to program some of the most high end car keys in the market, the more equipment you have the more capabilities you have.

As we are constantly improving and expanding our services we will be happy to provide you with the best and the friendliest service around. Simply call us today and ask anything you need to know about car key making for your vehicle. Whether it is a remote you need or simply a non-transponder key we can do it all. We do copy many 2015 and some 2017 makes already. Always have our info - Just In Case! – It’s not just a slogan it’s a way of life. Watch our automotive ignition repair video - YouTube or our blog Medium

Here's a quote for thought! - "“Take it easy driving– the life you save may be mine.” ―James Dean
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Auto Locksmith

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