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If you are paying to get your locks repaired you probably want to be able not to worry about your locks again. Lock repair is often due to a faulty lock but what if the fault keeps happening after the repair, this is the kind of a situation that we want to avoid when repairing your locks. Once the repair is done, our aim is to make sure that you won’t need us any time soon. Although in real life you never know. Durability is better than a call-back; when it comes to your lock repair!

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Lock Repair|519-722-7776|EA Locksmith

Lock Repair

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Lock Repair|519-722-7776|EA Locksmith

Lock Repair

Demand - Need your lock repaired? Can’t open your door lock or lock up your business and desperately need a locksmith? EA Locksmith is happy to help, specializing in commercial and residential lock repair. In addition we do offer automotive lock repair depending on the make and model. We service Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge as well as Guelph and surrounding for your convenience; simply make sure to call ahead and check availability.

We repair many types of lock mechanisms, starting from dead bolts to commercial hardware; including exit devices Adams rite, commercial locks and latches. We repair lock bolts and also able to perform fresh installations to improve your security against the current issue you are having, every problem has a solution; every obstacle is an opportunity.

Euro lock repair – we also repair and install euro style applications and multipoint lock applications including GU Locks, Peach Tree Hardware and so on… Selection and availability are vary simply call us today 519-722-7776 and we will be happy to assist you!
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Lock Repair|519-722-7776|EA Locksmith

The Repair

Locks can be repaired, not every issue results in lock change. Some repair cases are a simple lock parts to fix or switch in a deadbolt and other cases are complicated commercial locks or exit devices which takes hours to repair in times due to the complications in the lock itself. Basically if your lock isn’t working the best idea is to contact us and describe the problem so we can assess the “damages”.

Our tech are savvy with commercial hardware and always happy to explain the details of the repair to make sure that you as our valued customer are always informed.

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Lock Repair|519-722-7776|EA Locksmith

Imagine you had your locks done and a few days later something isn’t working. You are calling and looking for help with your issue and no one is helping. If your request is reasonable there is no reason you shouldn’t have been helped. Our aim is to treat call-backs with respect and reassure our customers with our correspondence and ability to resolve your lock repair in a most professional manner, leaving you with a smile.

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Lock Repair|519-722-7776|EA Locksmith


Lock repair service comes handy in times of crisis with your locks! When we mean crisis we mean a bone chilling Christmas Eve or a late Saturday night lockout due to a lock malfunction. Even on a regular day you would prefer to save yourself disasters such as this. As far as honesty goes we are available 24/7 to respond to your call be it cold or hot out there however; as far as reality goes locksmiths are on demand therefore high demand results in limited availability. We do however appreciate your pick of a locksmith and we are happy to help you resolve your crisis as fast as possible!

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