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Locksmith, Locksmith near me,
Locksmith; Kitchener; Waterloo; Cambridge; Guelph
Locksmith, Locksmith near me,
Locksmith, Locksmith near me,
Locksmith, Locksmith near me,
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Locksmith service in Kitchener

Losing your home keys can be nerve-racking, standing outside waiting for someone to show up and rescue you from this nightmare! EA Locksmith is here to recover your lost keys, be it house keys or car keys. The recovery process could be done in certain cases. If there is an access to the lock and there is coding available.

We are happy to be one of the top rated on Google among locksmith’s in Kitchener and surrounding providing excellent service with a smile and of course the right attitude to help you get through your day. Our professionalism speaks for itself; our staff is up to date with the current standards and hopes to provide the best service at the best available cost. We are operating in multiple locations staying mobile is our daily routine and being on the road is always fun, no matter the traffic!

Your house or car keys can be stolen or lost. The best way to avoid such inconvenient situation is to make enough spare keys. However sometimes life simply tricks us and we find ourselves on the other side of the door; do not worry as EA Locksmith is aware of the problem and hopes to resolve your lost key problem in the most professional way.

Changing house or ignition locks? We can help you with your project! We change commercial, residential and auto locks. Call us today for more info and stay in touch through social media! “Just In Case!”

Students – Students in Waterloo (you are sure capable of pretty much any possible damage that can be inflicted on a residence) in most cases things happen very quickly and then whoops - You need an emergency locksmith to save the day; we do appreciate our students who come to Waterloo and make this place so trendy and attractive so we are prepared to service you with a %15 student discount on any priced job such as:

⚒ - Student lock change🔖 20%Off
⚒ - Student lock rekey🔖 20%Off
⚒ - Student lockout🔖 20%Off
⚒ - Student car lockout🔖 20%Off
⚒ - Just In Case!🔖 20%Off

Locksmith, Locksmith near me,
EA Locksmith Inc. Kitchener Just In Case!

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