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We service Waterloo and the area and cover your locksmith needs on-site!

Emergency – An emergency which requires a locksmith isn’t an often occurrence, although when you need one; you need the quickest most professional and no less important affordable which suits your budget. We got that covered; just 20 minutes’ drive usually separates a locksmith from a customer in most cases and affordability is our priority therefore we do provide friendly on-site multiple discounts depending on your service request.

Lock change – EA Locksmith provides excellent lock change service in Waterloo, you can have your locks replaced with a variety of products from shiny looking deadbolts all the way to elegant and techy keypads.Get it right, we do carry basic hardware but we also offer customized lock change according to your design.

Eviction locksmith Waterloo – Evictions are unpleasant and since the housing bubble didn’t make it any easier more and more people deal with evictions every day. Some are unable to afford their living due to internal or external changes in their routine; disputes are inevitable and evictions become the result. We are aware of the process and prepared to respond to your eviction needs such as, locksmith on time; professional attitude; calm manner and respect. Many unpleasant situations at an eviction can be avoided when people do remain calm and come to an agreement. It is not our job to tell you how to run your unfortunate eviction; it is our cooperation which keeps you as our customer – at the top of the command chain in accordance with the tenant law s and regulations of course.

Key extraction – Your keys will break at some point, metal fatigue no matter the material is inevitable, the best way to avoid it is to duplicate your keys and keep fresh cut keys on hand! That would be the case in a perfect world; however in an imperfect world we face other problems and priorities not to mention “have your keys copied”. Then, one day, snap! You need a locksmith to extract your house keys or ignition keys and hopefully reverse the damage, in this case reality is a factor and every situation has its own scenario.Sure thing is – don’t wait and make it worse call and ask we might be able to help.

Students – Students in Waterloo (you are sure capable of pretty much any possible damage that can be inflicted on a residence) in most cases things happen very quickly and then whoops - You need an emergency locksmith to save the day; we do appreciate our students who come to Waterloo and make this place so trendy and attractive so we are prepared to service you with a %15 student discount on any priced job such as:

⚒ - Student lock change🔖 20%Off
⚒ - Student lock rekey🔖 20%Off
⚒ - Student lockout🔖 20%Off
⚒ - Student car lockout🔖 20%Off
⚒ - Just In Case!🔖 20%Off

Car in Waterloo – Oh no! Locked out of your ride again! Don’t worry you are not alone! Simply call us now and check for an available locksmith tech near you!

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