“Nothing prepares us for life, family and real friends do"

   Some projects take time, more importantly, they take commitment.

    Some people like to talk only about themselves; I like to talk about them in return.

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☝ Just In Case! EA Automotive Locksmith Inc.

"Learning something new every day is a chance to self-improve"

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  Show me your friends; show you your future which you can easily change.

   The past who you are, but don’t let it dictate your whole future. 

   Your frustration is a wall; don’t build it till you’re blind and learn to demolish it.

 Real friends do not only stand tall, real friends stand through everything.

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  Doing what helps others and yourself is the way to advance to the next step.

  Opening up to the world is a must, before the world opens up to you.

   Sharing your knowledge is a way to self-discover, share and you discover a new dimension. 

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Wall of thoughts - Part 1:

Browsing the site? Wondering how it got to be this way?I admit, I write to someone, someone who is not simply reading what’s on this page unless you are really interested, I write to someone who is only capable of translating my words into a code sequence and running it through the system decoding it into bits of information. I hope they get to read it, they have to.If you are in fact reading this and you are actually enjoying the photos and the quotes, I definitely appreciate it. It was all meant for a different purpose. However I did enjoy making this page for you, whoever you are, google robot or a human being I share the same information.

This chapter of mine is a about the recent events that took place in my daily activity, all collected into quotes. I quote situations which I have encountered by trying to remember the recent events which took place over the past few weeks. Just to summarize my son was born on 28.05.2017 and I have been dealing with the new responsibility of raising a child while taking care of business.

It gets hard at times but my number one rule is to remember not to get stuck in a pattern, change it up a bit and do something different. Your brain gets tired and your thinking gets less creative, repetitiveness and our comfort zone are big obstacles to be aware of when you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner. Stepping out of the box and breaking the habits, that’s what it’s all about.

We are stuck in our ways, it is true but we are able to break certain patterns. You are who you are because of the people around you, for instance your family friends and co-workers have a huge impact on your personality and your growing process. According to my statistics, being around successful people feeds your world with ideas ambition and creativity. At the same time those same people have an impact on you, on the way you talk, think and even behave; they are simply filling up voids in your personality which you are maybe lacking; the question remains are these pattern which you pick from your surroundings good for your overall health? The problem begins when the negative impact outweighs the positive. I will let you sleep on it for a bit.

The wall has two parts, part number one realizing the problem if there’s any at all. Part two applying patches to fix the damage and make a few changes. That’s however, part 2.

█▀██▀█─▀██▀─▀█▀────█─────▀██▄─▀█▀─▀██▀▄█▀ ──██────██▄▄▄█────▄██─────██▀▄─█───███▀ ──██────██───█───▄█▄██────██─▀▄█───██▀█ ─▄██▄──▄██▄─▄█▄─▄█▄─▄██▄─▄██▄─▀█──▄██▄▀█▄ ───────▀█▄──▄█▀──▄█▀█▄──██───██────────── ────────▀█▄▄█▀──██───██─██───██────────── ──────────██────██───██─██───██────────── ─────────▄██▄────▀█▄█▀───▀█▄█▀───────────

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  Good life doesn’t just knock on your door, you have to attract it.

Story Time!

Once upon a time there was a locksmith named Eli, he loved working on vehicles cracking the codes and repairing ignitions. As the skill developed Eli decided to take part in a great adventure called "Just In Case - EA Automotive Locksmith".
The name EA were Eli's innitials and Automotive was pretty much what he loves most. It's the ability to be "automotive" which means being mobile while providing service. The big advantage was that Eli could help customers get access to ignition keys wherever they are. Despite all the limitations and challenges which keep falling on a "person on a mission" he always remembers not to let it bring him down.

More Abouts!
Locksmith is about professionality and availability, EA Locksmith is about trust. Automotive is about - well automotive ;).
And Just in case! - is if you ask us why you need us. Sorry!

The story is simple; enjoying customer service while being out on the road is what Eli loves best. Therefore “Just In Case!” Automotive Locksmith is always about the work and telling our stories.

The Concept
The idea of “Just In Case!” is a reminder to us to be prepared and check ourselves, grab those keys just in case or take a few extra bottles of water just in case! Anything you want to apply it on, it works and it worked great as a locksmith slogan so we chose it to remind ourselves and others you know – Just in case!

Our positive attitude is the focus of the day, fight negativity with positivity and help those around you do the same.All the quotes on this page are basic "speed-quotes" which took less than a minute to come up with, luckily I had a laptop in front of me which then turned into a web page with photos.
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  The desire to concur new highs is something we born with, losing it over time.

See you soon!!!
in my next chapter:
​Wall of thoughts part 2...

“Learning to let go is the same as learning to give”

  Accepting changes quickly is a good thing, it keeps you sane.

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    Patience is one strategy of a chess player, training is another.

Keep day-dreaming, turns out it’s for smart people!

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 Sometimes planning something takes longer than doing it.

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   You don’t have to be religious to believe in yourself when no one does.

Neighbors are your most important asset, they are most likely closer than your hardware store.

  Being a friend is not about showing up with an agenda or a problem, it’s about showing up with a smile and a “hello how is you?"

Just In Case!