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It's the most typical garage door with the square shape windows on top usually 3 per door. You can customize your garage door style but you can never go wrong with traditional. Depending on your door style taste you can order the traditional design in multiple selections of colors like "hunter green" or "desert sand" or the typical "off-white" color to switch your existing door. The traditional shape is great for standard looks and easily replaceable, unlike the custom doors.

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Carriage House

These are historic design garage doors and are worth every dollar, due to their solid structure and well-patterned designs. The doors can be made of different materials such as "Natural Wood" or "Steel" or "Composite" or "Aluminum&Glass" all depending on the nature of your requirements and taste. Our technicians are well trained to help you with your design questions on site!


It's a modern design of the new era of garage doors, the typical traditional homes around Kitchener Waterloo do not use contemporary designs as often however these designs are available; they vary in colors and selection.
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Garage Door Repair in Kitchener Waterloo and the area of South Western Ontario

Garage Door

Garage Doors

Garage doors are often subject to fatigue and demand frequent maintenance.
EA Locksmith is here to service your garage door and make sure you get the repair you need and the reliability you deserve.

We Provide different types of garage door service:

- Garage Door Install
- Garage Door Repair
- Spring Repair
- Garage Door Opener Repair
- Sensor Replacement

At EA Locksmith we focus on the customer service aspect, making sure you are delighted with the job and happy to recommend us to your friends and family.

EA Locksmith is a family run business and we are proud to be a local business.
Imagine that you cannot open your garage door due to a bad spring and now you are pretty much stuck with no ability to control your garage door manually or automatically. Calling ahead of time to schedule with a technician can really make it easier and more efficient in terms of service availability and parts.
Our technicians are well trained and carry a 5-star customer service attitude making sure your customer service experience is always counted as no less important factor.