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Carriage Garage Door Kitchener Waterloo Repair Replace
Carriage Garage Door Kitchener Waterloo Repair Replace

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EA Locksmith is a local company here in Kitchener Waterloo and South Western Ontario.
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Traditional Garage Door Waterloo; Repair Replacement

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We are always happy to help with your project. Watching your garage door break is a scary scene, the spring makes a popping sound and you find your garage door slammed on the floor. EA Locksmith will handle your garage door repair carefully and professionally. Our competitive pricing, professional teamwork and most importantly friendly customer service leaving you satisfied and happy that you called us!

Carriage Garage Door Kitchener Waterloo Repair Replace

Garage Door Repair Kitchener/Waterloo

When seasons change our garage door parts change shape as well, you might not notice that because it will not be visible to the naked eye.
The metal components in your garage door tend to change temperature and that change in temperature, as well as other conditions of nature, affect those metal parts.

Tension (Torsion) springs are the most common springs used in home garage doors in Kitchener Waterloo, they are the main component in your garage door opening process. Without it, your door will not operate normally, preventing spring failure can help avoid those difficult and urgent situations where you are panicking and looking for a garage door technician to help you in your emergency.

Torsion springs tend to wear out within 10 years according to some experts, however, considering our volatile climate here in Kitchener Waterloo Ontario customers often say with some springs it happens a lot sooner and it also depends on your actual daily use.

Test your garage door: First, disconnect the auto garage door opener. The door shouldn't move and slide, if it slides a bit it is best that you call a garage door repair service to check it up. Second test if you passed the first is to position the door half-way in the center and test for static. If the door is too heavy then you will certainly need a new spring. Call us today in case you are in need of a garage door repair technician to schedule an appointment!

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We believe that nothing is more important than your satisfaction. It can be challenging to push the limits of self but we as evolving species were always very good at that; pushing our boundaries.
Your customer satisfaction requires just that. Sometimes as we go the extra mile for your satisfaction we find ourselves satisfied at the end of the process as well, when receiving the positive feedback we are encouraged to do better!